The Conversation. Prt-1 

This is a conversation about how hard and twisting and turning is a solider's life. The solider here is crying on his life because of his work. Wonna know more? Read here!


Yeah, This is kind of awkward and weird at the same time Nothing was there till last year but now I gotta frame rhymes Before this even started before I had this so called life Does it even makes sense? All it did keep throwing cold vibes 6 months later things have changed Time passed by... Continue Reading →


You're gone gone gone I've moved on on on I don't balme you cause I was the one who brought you closer And now I don't want you even as my chauffeur I wish never I knew you Wish I would've never told you So that I can't never hold you It's now hurting our... Continue Reading →


Yeah, I live a life in rhyme cage Live a life that I can't slow down Shot you down in a rampage My guns ain't gonna stop now... Uh! First verse uh! It's like alone am riding in an island Homies packed my guns from New York to Thailand But now this is gonna get... Continue Reading →


Yo, It ain't any matter of male or female sexual organs It's all upon our society's intellectual hormones Be me a boy or be me a girl I like whom I like if it's a boy or a girl But what I don't understand is one thing Why people don't like me I too am... Continue Reading →


So, Here is something which I feel that everybody feel. Hey it's me! Wonna tell you something. Well, it isn't what it looks like. Wait. I'll explain. Here goes, Told you I'll be forever there And hope you would never need me All the things that got you there Including the way you treat me Can't... Continue Reading →

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